Andrew R. Garulay, RLA YARMOUTHPORT DESIGN GROUP Landscape Architecture
Andrew R. Garulay, RLAYARMOUTHPORT DESIGN GROUPLandscape Architecture


Andrew Garulay is a Registered Landscape Architect  licensed in Massachusetts #LA-1247 (2000).


He has a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Idaho  (1997)and has worked in both residential Landscape Architecture offices designing landscapes and Civil Engineering offices designing civil site plans for both residential and commercial projects.


The combined experience of civil site planning and residential landscape design is a strong asset to have in bridging the gap between the building architects work and the civil engineers regulatory responsibilities and functionality requirements.


Most of the Yarmouthport Design Group's projects are complete landscape designs prior to permitting as both part of the permit process and for construction once the house is built. Many of these are on oceanfront front properties where the existing home is to be razed and replaced with a new home with completely new features such as driveway and parking, swimming pool, retaining walls, outdoor fireplaces, kitchens, access to piers, recreation areas, conservation mitigation plantings, view vistas, and aesthetic plantings with an emphasis on summer color and lower maintenance.


Yarmouthport Design Group also designs for existing homes and some commercial sites as well.



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