Andrew R. Garulay, RLA
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"Landscape Design is an Art, but must also be an Art Form that follows the Functions of the Participants within The Landscape."

Our Design Philosophy:

"Our purpose is to reduce doubt in the outcome of the project"
We do this with our ability to extract the needs, values, and aesthetic tastes of our clients. It is not uncommon for some not to be fully in tune with these or some may have been distracted by other influences and may not feel confident in their abilities to effectively communicate their needs. This is the area in which we feel we are much more effective than others. A stroll around the site with general discussion of the landscape yields an amazing amount of information when lead by a true professional in this vitally important exercise. Both the client and the designer walk away with a very clear understanding of the direction that the project will head in.
Yarmouthport Design Group uses creativity and artistry to develop landscapes that first resolve the functions of the site. This is followed by refining the experiences gained through those functions by creating and enhancing situations which support and by mitigating those situations which detract. Finally, the entire landscape is polished with carefully selected plants and materials to suit the aesthetic goals of the client.

We do not believe in being guarded, but believe that open verbal communication of our ideas in our initial consultation is what makes our potential clients see our value. It further helps us understand the client which results in greater confidence unifying both landscape architect and client.