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Yarmouthport Design Group is a local landscape architecture firm on Cape Cod founded and owned by Andrew R. Garulay, Registered Landscape Architect.


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Yarmouthport Design Group (YDG) is a "group" of many skill sets in a very light and efficient office.
Currently, the bulk of our work is designing Landscape & Conservation Plans for waterfront properties that are being re-developed. Many require complete plans for permitting prior to the demolition of previous development on the site, representation through the permit process, and buildable plans to complete the projects.

YDG works on several Design Teams working closely and efficiently with architects, civil engineers, environmental consultants, and custom home builders.

We also work for private home owners to design custom landscapes to suit their lifestyles. Swimming pools, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, driveway, parking, and complete site design are all part of what we design.

Commercial property owners often have us help them out with plans to meet the needs of regulatory bodies and to enhance the marketability of a property or the experience of those using it.
  • Residential Landscape Plans
  • Commercial Landscape & Site Plans
  • Wetland Mitigation and Restoration Plans
  • Represetation at Conservation Commission hearings
  • Retaining wall layout & elevation plans
  • Driveway & Parking Lot plans
  • Swimming Pool Layout Plans  
  • Grading & Drainage
  • Rain Gardens / Bioretention

Yarmouthport Design Group
Landscape Architecture
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New Seabury Home

Driveway Island - Contractor: Speakman Landscape

Commercial Project @ Down Cape Engineering, Inc.

Seaside Kitchen

Contractor: Earth & Stone

Contractor: Briggs Landscaping

Typical Plan

Andrew Garulay, RLA while at Crossroads Landscape

A residential landscape plan

Andrew Garulay, RLA
Robert Speakman Landscaping

Andrew Garulay, RLA while at BSS Design, Inc.

New Seabury Waterfront

A Falmouth Courtyard
By Yarmouthport Design Group

Landscape Architecture has been a rapidly growing profession over the past two decades. However, many people still do not really know exactly what the profession is. The American Society of Landscape Architects has a description that may be helpful.
Andrew Garulay, RLA  is dedicated to providing independent design services that match the the particular circumstances of the project both in terms of scope of work and price tag.
Yarmouthport Design Group was founded as a part time business by Andrew Garulay, a site designer with more than ten years of full time experience in civil engineering offices and more than 35 years in multiple roles in landscape design/build/maintenance companies. 
The transition to a full time office has been complete since 2012.
Landscape Architects - Professional Licensure:
Landscape Architects are licensed professionals in the State of Massachusetts just like architects, engineers, and many other professions. The requirements for licensing in Massachusetts may be found on the Board of Registration of Landscape Architects website. This is to insure the public that a standard of education and experience has been met by the individual license holders. 

Massachusetts Board of Registration for Landscape Architects